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EC Week 2021 will not open this August. As always, our first and only goal is camper safety, while attempting to preserve that which is Unique about our wonderful Week. Please visit our website and come to our events. We will be back in 2022 and we will be better, stronger, and well-prepared to return to the EC week we know and love.


2019 Theme: The Lion King

Special Program presents the Lion King

Each year, EC Week offers an interactive, entertaining theme. While the theme is incorporated into all activities throughout the week, one of the highlights is our nightly play. A dedicated number of volunteers work together to provide an exciting production bringing the story to life each night.

Past Camp Themes include:

2018: Once Upon a Time
2017: Harry Potter
2016: Frozen
2015: Peter Pan (4th)
2014: The Sound of Music (2nd)
2013: Grease (2nd)
2012: Toy Story
2011: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
2010: Shrek
2009: Cinderella (3rd)
2008: High School Musical
2007: Mary Poppins (3rd)
2006: Beauty and the Beast (2nd)
2005: Little Mermaid (2nd)
2004: Annie (2nd)
2003: Wizard of Oz (3rd)
2002: Robin Hood
2001: The Lion King
2000: Grease (1st)
1999: Oliver
1998: The Sound of Music (1st)
1997: A Christmas Carole
1996: Cinderella (2nd)
1995: Snow White (2nd)
1994: Mary Poppins (2nd)
1993: Aladdin (2nd)
1992: Beauty and the Beast (1st)
1991: Little Mermaid (1st)
1990: Peter Pan (3rd)
1989: Wizard of Oz (2nd)
1988: Frog Prince
1987: Aladdin (1st)
1986: Pinocchio (2nd)
1985: Adventures of the Big Bad Wolf
1984: Finian’s Rainbow
1983: Alice in Wonderland
1982: Annie (1st)
1981: Cinderella (1st)
1980: Mary Poppins (1st)
1979: Circus World
1978: Peter Pan (2nd)
1977: Snow White (1st)
1976: Wizard of Oz (1st)
1975: Mother Goose
1974: Raggedy Ann and Andy
1973: Winnie the Pooh
1972: Pinocchio (1st)
1971: Mickey Mouse
1970: Charlie Brown
1969: Apollo Moon Mission
1968: Summer Olympics
1967: Around The World in 80 Days
1966: Peter Pan (1st)