Send a Camper

Thank you for your interest in sending your loved one to EC Week. Each year, EC Week volunteers make all the traditional joys of summer camp available to more than 170 campers with intellectual and/or physical challenges including Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Angelman Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Please see the sections below for information for New Campers or for Returning Campers:

New Campers

A Camper Assessment Form is required for all new potential campers. This not an application; it is an initial assessment form to place your exceptional citizen on our EC Week Camper List. The information you provide on this online form will be used to assess if EC Week staff are equipped to handle your exceptional citizen’s special needs; EC Week’s Head Staff will contact you if they have any questions. Once we determine your exceptional citizen is eligible, and when space allows, we will send you a comprehensive Camper Application Form to complete and submit in order to reserve your camper’s spot for the upcoming August EC Week.

Every effort is made to invite new campers as quickly as possible. If your camper is selected, you should receive a comprehensive Camper Application Form by February. Some additional spaces may become available in the Spring/Summer if initially selected campers are unable to attend.

Fill out an online Camper Assessment Form to add your exceptional citizen to our EC Week Camper List (this is not an application)


Space is limited. Our EC Week Camper List is comprised of about 1,000 new and returning camper names. Our first priority is to invite new campers as well as hardship cases. Our second priority is to invite returning campers who have not attended in a number of years. While EC Week’s Head Staff does its best to invite all returning campers on a rotating schedule, due to the size of our EC Week Camper List, many returning campers must wait several years to return to EC Week. But please be patient. We will contact you when space becomes available.

If you would like to request that your returning camper attend in the upcoming year due to a special circumstance or hardship, please complete the online Camper Assessment Form; you must include specific comments detailing these special circumstances. EC Week’s Head Staff will review these select hardship cases throughout the year and will send a comprehensive Camper Application Form if space allows.

Fill out an online Camper Assessment Form to add your camper to the ‘hardship cases’ list for the upcoming year or to update your camper’s contact information